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Moving soon? Essential Things You Should Do to Make the Transition Easier

Moving your belongings from one place to another when changing residence can be daunting and extremely overwhelming. In fact, it’s one of those tasking things people often wish they could become a magician to get pass them. As the moving day approaches, tension starts to build up in your mind on how you would achieve a successful transition with minimal challenges.

These concerns are normal, but they should not be a source of worry if you have the right information on how to move your properties with ease. Although there are various options available through which you can minimize stress, confusion, and damages when moving household items from one location to another, the best option is to engage a Professional Moving Company. This approach will pull most of the burdens off your shoulders and you can be sure of getting a hassle-free transition with exciting results.

If you live in Edmonton, Alberta and its environment, and you’re looking for professional movers, Flexmovers is the foremost and most trusted professional moving company in Edmonton that can make your transition as seamless as possible. With our strong reputation in the industry and highly trained moving experts, we assure you of an unmatched service, yet at an affordable price. Because we’re a leader in the Canadian moving industry and we also understand the nitty-gritty of moving, we often offer useful tips that will make your move easier.

So, if you’re contemplating moving to a new apartment any time soon, we at FlexMovers.com recommend the following tips to make the transition easier and the stress lesser:

1. Get Prepared in Advance

Get things organized in advance so you don’t get enveloped with the last minute pressure. Rushing at the last minutes to get things organized is a recipe for disaster. Truth is no one achieves anything worthwhile in a hurry without inviting undue stress. If you really want the whole process to be easy for you, it is imperative that you prepare and plan every step ahead of time. So, create a to-do list containing everything you need to do and tick out anyone you’ve been able to accomplish.

2. Book a Moving Company Ahead of Time

Booking your removal company in advance is one of the steps you need to take to avoid last minute rushing. This is important because most reputable movers are often overbooked. To avoid being booked-out on your planned date, you should be proactive in deciding your choice of mover and book an appointment in advance. Make sure you ask all the right questions so you can be sure you are putting your belongings on a capable hand. Some of the questions you may want to ask include: Does your company have an insurance coverage? Are you a member of the Canadian Association of Removals? How long have you been in business? Some of the responses to these questions will give you an insight into their level of expertise and whether there is any red flag.

3. Make Use of Moving Containers

If you don’t want some of your belongings to fall off or get damaged, you should consider using moving containers. Moving containers also enable you to be on a ready-mode on your moving day. It is, however, important to check with the homeowner to be sure if the containers can be moved conveniently into your new apartment.

4. Take inventory

Of course, you don’t want any of your belongings to get missing while in transit. So, whether you’re engaging a moving company or not, it’s important that you take an inventory of your properties. Try to keep a spreadsheet of the contents of each box and use it to check against each item when you get to your new resident. You can as well download a moving app like Moving Van. The app allows you to snap pictures as you fill items into the boxes so you can track exactly what is in each of the boxes.

5. Put a Label on Every Item

Labeling is another sure-fire way to protect your belongings from being damaged. If all boxes are labeled appropriately on all sides with indicative arrows showing top of the boxes, people carrying the boxes won’t damage valuable items in them by mistaken the top for the bottom.

6. Support Fragile Items with Bubble Wrap or Clothes

In order to protect fragile items like dishes and stemware glasses, you can use bubble wrap or used clothes to wrap them before putting them in the boxes. More also, the boxes should be packed solid without any space that would permit the items inside to shift or broken.

7. Assemble Items into Boxes by Their Destination

If you don’t want things to get mixed up on arriving at your destination, it is best to arrange items for each sections of the household together. For instance, items going to the kitchen should be put together in a box. In the same manner, items meant for the living room and bedroom should be packed together in separate boxes. Then, each of the boxes should be marked with tags according to their destination. With such arrangement, it will be easier to take each box to their destination and unpack each at the location where they are meant to be within the home.

8. Pre-arrange for Essential Services

You need to find out about the current situation of the utility bills (gas, water, and power) of your new home before the moving day. Find out how much is being transferred to you. You should also make sure that your phone line, cable, and the internet service are in good condition before moving in. We also recommend that you file a change of address with your local post office prior to the moving day.

9. Keep All Valuable Papers with You

In order to avoid unnecessary delay while traveling to your new home, it is imperative that you keep important documents such as legal papers, receipts, addresses, contracts or passports with you. Make sure they are all kept in a single envelope for easy accessibility when there is a request for any of them.

10. Create a Super-important Box

Lastly, you should create a special box that will contain things that are extremely valuable to you. Items such as checkbook, exercise gear, toiletries, important docs, medication, and all other essential things, should be in this special box.

At Flexmovers, we guarantee the safety of your belongings as well as the convenience of your move from your present location to your new home. All services are rendered at discounted and affordable rates.

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